This week, we unboxed a selection of PRS guitars for our showroom. One among them caught my eye and stole my heart!


This week, Port Mac Guitars received our first consignment of our new range of PRS guitars. Firstly, if you have not heard of Paul Reed Smith then where have you been for the past 30 years?

Nothing could prepare me for the simply audacious experience of unpacking these utterly beautiful guitars.

Laying the leather ended, black paisley upholstered case on the ground, unlatching the shiny golden clasps and lifting the lid to see what was quite possibly the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen laying before me.

Its pattern thing neck feels glorious in the hand and its balance is in a word, perfect.

Its visual beauty is surpassed by only one thing. Its sound. Plugged into a Marshall DSL40C the clean tones are simply sublime and the raw nature of the bridge pick up with about 60% gain was mind blowing.

I own a number of high end guitars. A Gibson Les Paul, an Ibanez JemV7 and JS2410 but this is truly something else. I would trade all my guitars in to own this one single guitar.

Whoever comes into the shop and buys it is going to be one lucky human being!

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